Hur man inte ska göra. Samsung visar vägen.

Det finns alltid risker med elektronik. Det vet alla. Ibland går det fel och då är det rätta sättet att hantera det på att helt enkelt byta ut, tacka människan som har upptäckt problemet och utreda vad som har hänt. Om det behövs måste man också varna.

Det rätta sättet är inte att göra som Samsung och säga till kunden att hålla käften.

Originalvideon som beskriver problemet, uppladdad av mannen bakom den här facebookprofilen.

Kundens reaktion på Samsungs brev.

Resultatet blir såklart plenty of badwill.  300 000 + visningar på video ett, 600 000 + visningar på video 2. Sen tillkommer bloggar, diskussioner i kommentarsfält, forum, tidningar, tv… För att de skickade ett brev.

Detta är resultatet av dålig koll på social marknadsföring.

Tillägg: här har vi hela texten i det brev som Samsungs advokater skickade. Njut.


WHEREAS SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CANADA INC. (“SAMSUNG”) AND ***** (“***”) have agreed to settle all matters between them relating to a Samsung Smart phone (“Phone”) model number SGH-I337ZKARWC serial number ************(the “Matters”):

IN CONSIDERATION of SAMSUNG exchanging this phone with a similar model to *** after collecting the above mentioned product.

As a condition of exchanging the phone with a similar model, *** agrees to remove his Youtube video from the following link or any other link or statement relating to these matters and refrain from making other videos or statements about or relating to the matters set out herein.

AND FOR THE SAID CONSIDERATION, **, on behalf of himself and for his heirs, successors, executors, administrators, agents, assigns, and for any person claiming through or under him, DOES HEREBY IRREVOCABLY RELEASE, REMISE, QUIT CLAIM AND FOREVER DISCHARGE SAMSUNG, including any predecessors, successors, assigns, shareholders, members, officers, agents, directors, employees, associates, servants, associated corporations, insurers, whether past or present of, from and against any and all manner of actions, causes of action, suits, complaints, proceedings, liabilities, debts, sums of money, obligations, duties, dues, accounts, interests, bonds, covenants, contracts, claims, damages and demands whatsoever, whether known or unknown, which *** ever had, now has, can, shall or may hereafter have against SAMSUNG by any reason or by any act, omission, cause, matter, or thing whatsoever arising from, out of, or in connection with the matters and allegations arising out of the Matters.

AND FOR THE SAID CONSIDERATION *** agrees that he will at all times maintain the confidentiality of this settlement and will not divulge, either directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, the terms, details, facts, or related discussions about this settlement to any persons for any reason whatsoever. In addition, ** hereto shall maintain confidentiality with respect to the evidence adduced in relation to the Matters, including all documentation produced by ** and SAMSUNG and will not divulge any such evidence, either directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever.

AND FOR THE SAID CONSIDERATION** agrees not to make any claim or take any proceedings against any other person or corporation who might claim contribution or indemnity as against SAMSUNG under the provision or the Negligence Act and the amendments thereto, in respect of the subject matter of this Full and Final Release.


IT IS AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD that the aforementioned settlement is deemed to be no admission whatsoever of liability on the part of SAMSUNG, and that any such liability is denied.

IT IS FURTHER AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD that if ** hereafter makes or publishes any claims or demands or takes or threatens to take any action or other proceeding against SAMSUNG on the basis of any of the claims discharged by this Full and Final Release, then this Full and Final Release may be raised by SAMSUNG as an estoppel to any such claim, demand or proceeding.

AND IT IS FURTHER AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD that this Full and Final Release shall be binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns or successors of assigns, as the case may be, of ***.

IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that the terms of this Full and Final Release are fully understood and that the said Full and Final Release is given voluntarily for the purpose of making a full and final compromise, adjustment, and settlement of all claims.

*** may deliver via facsimile an executed copy of the Full and Final release which shall be binding upon her but shall forthwith thereafter deliver to SAMSUNG an originally executed copy of this Full and Final Release.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF ** has hereunto set his hand and executed this Full and Final Release this ______________ day of December, 2013.


_____________________________ ______________________________
Witness ***


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